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Alice in Wonderland Shrink “Drink Me” and Grow “Eat Me” Scripted Table Scene

  • Posted on April 28, 2013 at 10:13 pm

You remember the story don’t you? Alice drank the potion to grow bigger and ate the cakes to shrink back down. Now you can take part in the magic with this Wonderland inspired table scene.


How does it work?

Unfortunately, SL doesn’t allow for “real” shrinking and growing via a simple script and without you changing into mesh clothing to accommodate the change in size. But no worries, we have come up with a solution! The shrinking is done via an optical illusion to move you from one table to another via teleporting, where the first table is normal size and the other is large making you appear smaller. Setup simply requires placing the tables in their desired locations and getting the coordinates for each location into the tables. Easy to follow instructions are included. No scripts to edit either. Just a simple edit of the description is all that’s needed.

This item does not use the de-rezzing method of removing the old one and rezzing the new one. We do this so that if someone else comes along in the path, they first come to the normal table instead of the large table just because someone else has used it. This is the best and most realistic way to do it and still have other people able to use it.


What else?

When you have “shrunk” the oversized table can be sat upon for two fun animations. One dangles you as you try to get onto the table…because like Alice you may have forgotten the key. The other sits you on top of the bottle to watch as others shrink down to size.


How do I shrink and grow?

To shrink (moves you to the larger table), you will “drink” the potion by simply touching the bottle which is scripted to teleport you to the larger table. To grow just “take a bite” of the cakes in the floor (only appear when shrunk) by touching those as well and that also are scripted to teleport you back to the smaller table.

drinkmetable1 drinkmetable3 drinkmetable4

Regular table is 18 prims
Large table with cake box is 20 prims

Everything you need is included. If you want to see this work in action, come stop by Almost Wonderland and follow the white rabbit down the hole to experience it for yourself.


Check this product out on the marketplace or come see it in world at Almost Wonderland.  Also join our vip group or our subscriber group to keep up to date eon all new products and sales.

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We are hiring!!

  • Posted on April 26, 2013 at 1:10 am

Hello Gothlings and Wonderlanders!! We are growing and looking for some hard working individuals to be part of our team.

We are looking to hire an EXCEPTIONAL and friendly store greeter for each our stores: Almost Wonderland and The Elegant Goth. This person would greet people as they come in the stores, help them find products and make suggestions. We would like this person to be polite and helpful and knowledgeable of our products. Also be able to handle griefers and rude people that show up as well.

What you would be expected to work?
We would love for you to do a couple of hours 3 days a week at least. preferably in the evenings and weekends but during the days as well. This is something we can talk about during an interview. Appropriate attire is required for both positions. For Almost Wonderland you can dress in any Wonderland themed character attire. For The Elegant Goth, any sort of gothic attire is adequate. If you feel that you would be a great fit for us, and we can be a little crazy sometimes, then grab the application and fill it out and send it back to us.

Thank you,
The Elegant Goth and Almost Wonderland crazies!!


Please copy/paste the below info into a note card inworld, fill it out and send it to us.

** Please rename and return your completed application to
AlmostWonderland Resident or Yuna Khaos.

You will be contacted soon. Please do not contact us we will contact you.

☻ Welcome! ☻

Almost Wonderland is the place to get all your dark wonderland needs. Outside and inside you will find your furnishing needs. Drift into the magic and dark side with Almost Wonderland.

Today’s Date:
Full Avatar Name:
Your Rez Date:
RL Timezone:
Fluent Language(s):

Position Applying for:
Customer Service

Your Availability (Days & Time):

What date are you available to start work?

Work Experience:

How did you hear about the positions with Almost Wonderland?

Why do you want to work for Almost Wonderland?

What other personal skill’s will make you the best person For the job?

Desired pay:

Please summarize any additional information necessary to describe your qualification’s for the specific position you are applying for.

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Weekend Sales @ Almost Wonderland 04/26/2013

  • Posted on April 25, 2013 at 11:36 pm

The weekend is finally here. That means lots of great deal and lots of shopping. We some some wonderous deals that will knock you back down the rabbit hole. First up is our Fable Friday Deal. This week it is Clustered Mushrooms Fairy Seat. A beautiful blue clustered mushroom seat. Colorful fairy dust floats all around you while seated. Perfect for any fairy or Alice in Wonderland theme.



Next up is My60LSecert sales. We have two awesome items marked down to 60L. First item we have for you is our Petite Butterfly and Caterpillar Mushroom Table and Chairs. A lovely mushroom table and chair set features a lovely little butterfly sitting on the center light fixture and a green caterpillar resting on the table top. This item is sized to fit petite mesh avatars. Each mushroom seat features a sitting animation and the table can seat up to 4 petite people.



Next we have Alice in Wonderland Giant Spilled Drink Me Bottle – Purple Passion. This giant purple passion glass bottle pours out a magical purple liquid and includes animations for up to 3 people.


We have also moved the store this week. Not very far but Wonderland has a lot more room of it’s own now and lots more for you to explore. Check out Almost Wonderlands new location today!

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Queen of Hearts Perimeter Fence and Gate

  • Posted on April 21, 2013 at 3:01 am

Protect your land and set up the boundary lines. Keep what you like in while keeping other things out. This grungy looking Alice in Wonderland inspired perimeter fence set includes a functioning gate that opens and closes. Also includes a separate column without wall to use as decor. This will set the feel to your wonderland. Entire set is copyable to cover an unlimited space. Plus this item is low prim!

Each Fence Section with wall and column – LI of 3
Stand alone column – LI of 3
Gate – 18 prims


You can come by Almost Wonderland and check it out or grab it on the marketplace for just 200L

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Almost Wonderland Pet Habitat

  • Posted on April 21, 2013 at 2:55 am

Looking for a place to keep your pets an have them fit into your wonderland? Well look no further we have the perfect place for all your pets. We’ve got an adorable new pet habitat, perfect for all you pet collectors! We’ve got our own little Meeroo’s set up in ours at Wonderland, so feel free to come by and take a look! This habitat has 3 seats for you to sit by and watch your little critters roam around.


You can come by Almost Wonderland and check it out or grab it on the marketplace for just 250L

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Almost Wonderland is in the Madness Fair!!!

  • Posted on April 7, 2013 at 12:20 am

We are so excited to be a part of MadPeas’ first Madness Fair event. Starting April 7th at 12 pm slt lots of great creators and designers from the grid will gather at the MadPea Carneval to offer you some of the great items at discounted prices.

madpepa madness fair 2

We have put out some great wonderland items for you at discounted prices that you will not find in store or on the marketplace. Stop by and check them all out and grab them while you cna at these great prices because they are only there for 3 weeks. There will also be a awesome opening party with Dj’s and a freak show!  Here is the official blog post from MadPea for you to get more info on the vendors, party and the fair. See you there!

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Would you like some tea?

  • Posted on April 4, 2013 at 3:31 pm

This brand new set of teacups is perfect if you are looking for some Alice in Wonderland inspired teacup seating variety. Each teacup is just 2 prims and include a comfy pillow on top of the cup, so that you may sit your hiney upon. Inside the pillow, available via the touch menu are four sitting animations that you may use at your pleasure. Collect all 4 suits!

Grab them on the Marketplace or come try them out at Almost Wonderland for just 75L each.

Almost-Wonderland-Clubs-Teacup-Seat Almost-Wonderland-Diamonds-Teacup-Seat Almost-Wonderland-Hearts-Teacup-Seat Almost-Wonderland-Spades-Teacup-Seat

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Alice was crazy…let’s give her a place to rest!

  • Posted on April 4, 2013 at 3:24 pm

An awesome roleplay tool for all you crazy Alice in Wonderland RP’ers. This padded room features a bloody toy rabbit and one single pillow inside. Simply sit on the pillow to use the animations. Touch the pillow to get the menu for those animations. Inside the room the walls are covered in blood including a few choice messages written in blood just for Alice.

The door to the padded room opens and closes on touch. It also can be locked for users as well, so you can really trap someone in the padded room. By default it is set to allow “All” to open and close the door. Instructions for editing users is included.

You absolutely MUST come by Almost Wonderland to try this padded cell out…it’s simply mad!!!

Come by Almost Wonderland or grab this gruesome item on the Marketplace.





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