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Alice in Wonderland Shrink “Drink Me” and Grow “Eat Me” Scripted Table Scene

  • Posted on April 28, 2013 at 10:13 pm

You remember the story don’t you? Alice drank the potion to grow bigger and ate the cakes to shrink back down. Now you can take part in the magic with this Wonderland inspired table scene.


How does it work?

Unfortunately, SL doesn’t allow for “real” shrinking and growing via a simple script and without you changing into mesh clothing to accommodate the change in size. But no worries, we have come up with a solution! The shrinking is done via an optical illusion to move you from one table to another via teleporting, where the first table is normal size and the other is large making you appear smaller. Setup simply requires placing the tables in their desired locations and getting the coordinates for each location into the tables. Easy to follow instructions are included. No scripts to edit either. Just a simple edit of the description is all that’s needed.

This item does not use the de-rezzing method of removing the old one and rezzing the new one. We do this so that if someone else comes along in the path, they first come to the normal table instead of the large table just because someone else has used it. This is the best and most realistic way to do it and still have other people able to use it.


What else?

When you have “shrunk” the oversized table can be sat upon for two fun animations. One dangles you as you try to get onto the table…because like Alice you may have forgotten the key. The other sits you on top of the bottle to watch as others shrink down to size.


How do I shrink and grow?

To shrink (moves you to the larger table), you will “drink” the potion by simply touching the bottle which is scripted to teleport you to the larger table. To grow just “take a bite” of the cakes in the floor (only appear when shrunk) by touching those as well and that also are scripted to teleport you back to the smaller table.

drinkmetable1 drinkmetable3 drinkmetable4

Regular table is 18 prims
Large table with cake box is 20 prims

Everything you need is included. If you want to see this work in action, come stop by Almost Wonderland and follow the white rabbit down the hole to experience it for yourself.


Check this product out on the marketplace or come see it in world at Almost Wonderland.  Also join our vip group or our subscriber group to keep up to date eon all new products and sales.

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