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Time for some summer fun! 06/06/2014

  • Posted on June 6, 2014 at 10:14 am

Time to put the cards away summer is here for more then a day! Yes summer has finally arrived and has graced us with it’s hot rays. So lets grab a mushroom and use ti for shade and spend some time outdoors in a wondrous place known as wonderland. Check out these awesome items at great marked down prices to make your wonderland an even more magical place.


Petite Butterfly and Caterpillar Mushroom Table and Chairs


From Almost Wonderland, this lovely mushroom table and chair set features a lovely little butterfly sitting on the center light fixture and a green caterpillar resting on the table top. This item is sized to fit petite mesh avatars. Each mushroom seat features a sitting animation and the table can seat up to 4 petite people. Prim count is 22.

Alice in Wonderland Animated Cheshire Cat Chandelier


The Cheshire Cat, a fun and whimsical lighting piece with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Lovely purple sparkling dust flies gently around it in a cheshire cat purple color plus the cheshire cats tails dangle off each main light. This chandelier can be turned off and on by simply touching the top medallion at the top of the chandelier. It also features 3 fun animations including hanging upside down, dangling by your hand and sitting on top. Perfect hangout for you and some friends.

Wonderland Circus Chair


An adorable grungy gothic circus themed side chair, featuring 5 female and 5 male sitting animations. Great addition to any home, circus or wonderland themed area.

Super Sales Weekend:

Beautiful Nightmares Chained Down Moon Lounger


This purple moon is the perfect lounger for anyone who enjoys the nighttime skies! But don’t worry it’s chained down so it won’t go anywhere. Just place it anywhere on your land and have a seat on it. Just touch anywhere on the moon to get a touch menu to allow you to change from 1 of 4 different animations built in. Prim count 9.

Glowing Purple Tentacle Fountain


A beautiful and mystical outdoor accessory piece for your outdoor garden. This fountain glows a dark eerie purple, and the grass below emits gently sparkles all around. The tentacles give this fountain just the right amount of “creepy”. Prim count 11.

Madness in Wonderland Steampunk Ballet Stage Theatre


A twist to acting and Wonderland, this steampunk themed stage is the perfect setting to show off your ballet poses.

Includes 12 ballet poses that can be controlled by the person on the stage or if you’d like to play dolly and let someone else control, they can do that too! Partial mesh prim count is 19.

You can also see this items at in world at Almost Wonderland. Be sure to explore the whole sim. Lots of things to see. You can also join our in world group or if you don’t have room for a group then please join our subscriber group to get updates on sales and new releases. You can also follows us on our facebook page. Don’t forget you can always shop on our market place store at anytime.

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