A magical weekend for sales! 10-31-2014

  • Posted on October 31, 2014 at 3:45 pm

It’s great to sip some tea, watch the soldiers, even paint the roses. Magical items for sale this weekend. Beautiful things to create your magical wonderland. Your wonderous land of changing things. See what items we have for you this weekend.

Fable Fridays:

Wonderland Circus Chair


An adorable grungy gothic circus themed side chair, featuring 5 female and 5 male sitting animations. Great addition to any home, circus or wonderland themed area. With a prim count of 14.

Beautiful Nightmare Chained Down Moon Lounger


This purple moon is the perfect lounger for anyone who enjoys the nighttime skies! But don’t worry it’s chained down so it won’t go anywhere. Just place it anywhere on your land and have a seat on it. Just touch anywhere on the moon to get a touch menu to allow you to change from 1 of 4 different animations built in. With a prim count 9.


Alice in Wonderland Giant Book Hangout


This fun and whimsical Alice in Wonderland Giant Book Hangout features oversized grungy books, mad hatter’s hat, the white rabbit’s pocket watch and giant chess pieces. There is room for 10 friends to hangout on this stack of books and is perfect for any fantasy setting! This item is partial mesh and has a prim count of 23.

Wonderland Grab That Ass Wall Chair


A wall mounted chair that literally grabs your ass as you sit! Choose from 4 different animations when you sit your tail into this giant hand sticking out from the wall. Don’t miss this! This item is partial mesh with a prim count of 6.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Hangout Pool


Another awesome creation from Almost Wonderland, this tea party pool hangout is a great spot to get together for 8 people! You can dangle off the edge, sit on the end of the teapot spout, curl up on the spoon or relax in the tea. The choice is yours. Just take a seat anywhere on this item and then touch it to get a selection of animation options via menu. Come by and see this item in world at Almost Wonderland. With a  prim count of 10.

Super Sales Weekend:

Alice In Wonderland Disappearing Cheshire Cat (Purple)


The Cheshire Cat is up to his old tricks again, popping in and out of existence when you least expect it. This fun loving little cat, can be perched on nearly any surface with his head cocked to one side and ready smile his big cheezy grin at any moment.

Cheshire cat is scripted to appear and then disappear randomly. Perfect for any Alice in Wonderland themed sim. With a prim count of 12.

Animated Cheshire Cat Wonderland Glow Tree


Alice in Wonderland themed decor, the Cheshire Cat is up to his old tricks again as he sits lazing about in this haunting tree and pops in and out of view from you to see. This purple glowing tree includes 3 animations you and friends can enjoy by simply sitting on the tree and touching the tree to get a menu to choose which seat you wish to take plus a mystical purple light encircles the tree as a hint of a glowing light swirls around. With a prim count of 33.

Fairy Glow Grass Ground Cover Fat Pack


Our wonderland fairy glow grass is part of our Alice in Wonderland product line and features soft fairy sparkles emanating from the soft glowing flowery grass. This fat pack comes with 8 gorgeous colors: Blue, Pink, Mint, Orange, Sage, Purple, Red and Aqua. Each section of grass can easily be re sized to your own custom sizes, though we recommend not going much larger than 10×10 to keep it looking full. Each section of grass is just 1 prim!

You can also see this items at in world at Almost Wonderland. Be sure to explore the whole sim. Lots of things to see. You can also join our in world group or if you don’t have room for a group then please join our subscriber group to get updates on sales and new releases. You can also follows us on our facebook page. Don’t forget you can always shop on our market place store at anytime.

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