Alice in Wonderland Forgotten Memories Projector

  • Posted on May 26, 2013 at 10:52 pm

Alice has gone mad. She is having terrible nightmares and can’t wake up…or maybe she already has. This projector will help to save her nightmarish memories and watch them later! Just set this projector out and watch Alice as she plays through all her horrible memories one at a time.

Projector has sound that can be turned off by simply touching the projector.


You can buy this on our marketplace store.

You can also see this items at in world at Almost Wonderland. Be sure to explore the whole sim. Lots of things to see. You can also join our in world group or if you don’t have room for a group then please join our subscriber group to get updates on sales and new releases. You cna also follows us on our facebook page. Don’t forget you can always shop on our market place store at anytime.

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