Hunt gifts for May

  • Posted on May 7, 2013 at 6:50 pm

It’s May! It’s May! Spring has sprung and the white rabbit has been busy hiding things in wonderland. Hunt gift just for you only two this month though. The first hunt is brought to you by Beachside Hunts and is called Beautiful Nightmare Hunt 2. This is a 1L hunt but well worth it.  Beautiful Nightmares Chained Down Moon Lounger is the gift for this nightmarish hunt.  Lounge around and thing about your dreams or try to hide high from your nightmares. With four animations just sit on the moon and touch for the menu.


The second hunt we are in is The Sinister Goths Sinners Hunt – Lust. This hunt you must be in the group in order to get the item. To join the group is free and to get the items is free. Copy and paste this link,   secondlife:///app/group/84c4fa82-b54a-19e9-61d2-992cceb28f84/about,   into local chat and then join the group and go hunting. For this hunt we made a wonderful Glowing Purple Tentacle Fountain. Take a bath or let the birdies do it in this interesting version of a bird bath form wonderland.




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